Brannan Auto Values  







Introduction to Brannan Auto

Brannan Auto Engineering Co., Ltd. is an engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management company producing original equipment and after market auto parts manufactured in China. Our corporate values are:

+  Quality
+  Economy
+  Speed
+  Integrity
+  Service

Brannan Auto provides customers with the lowest cost, highest quality and the quickest turn around time possible in the manufacture of OEM production quality automotive components. Thanks to our ideal location in Anting, Shanghai and our close relationships with tooling manufacturers we are able to take drawings to manufacturing in short time spans which are unheard of anywhere else in the world.

Brannan Auto also believes in complete transparency with respect to our manufacturers. Our value comes from our industry knowledge, manufacturing experience, project management, quality management and western integrity. Our clients always know where their products are being manufactured and are free to make direct contact with manufacturers any time they choose.

Benefits we offer our customers include:

  • Customized solutions to meet customer requirements
  • No requirement for customers to own manufacturing infrastructure
  • Amortization of tooling costs to reduce initial capital outlay
  • Transparency to the complete supply chain including direct suppliers as well as their suppliers and subcontractors
  • Benefit from a team solely focused on the success of your business
  • On the ground Supplier Quality Engineers and logistics specialists
  • Dedicated client director to provide individual service
  • Western interface deeply integrated in China
  • Immediate access to a tested China automotive supply base

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